Special Dictionaries

Tree dictionaries
Tree dictionaries:
To install these tarball tree dictionaries, do this:
tar -xjvf a.tar.bz2
mv a /usr/share/stardict/treedict
gKamus English tarball GPL, 15K
infoBrowse-zh_CN tarball GPL, 270K
WordNet dictionaries
WordNet-3.0.0 tarball GPL, 6.5M
QQWry IP Address query data file.
To install this file, do this:
bunzip2 QQWry.Dat.bz2
mv QQWry.Dat /usr/share/stardict/data/
Or uncompress it as X:\Program Files\StarDict\data\QQWry.Dat in Windows.
QQWry.Dat Compressed file Free to use, 4M