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The Collaborative International Dictionary of English tarball GPL, 35M, 174222 words
WordNet tarball GPL, 10.7M, 149535 words
Moby Thesaurus II tarball GPL, 11M, 30259 words
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) tarball GPL, 28M, 160161 words
Elements database tarball GPL, 18K, 127 words
Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms tarball GPL, 214K, 7117 words
Jargon File tarball GPL, 668K, 2367 words
Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing tarball GPL, 2.3M, 13452 words
Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary tarball GPL, 1M, 3843 words
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary tarball GPL, 57K, 2611 words
Bouvier's Law Dictionary tarball GPL, 2.3M, 6326 words
THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY tarball GPL, 176K, 986 words
CIA World Factbook 2002 tarball GPL, 1.5M, 272 words
The CIA World Factbook (1995) tarball GPL, 979K, 273 words
U.S. Gazetteer (1990) tarball GPL, 2.2M, 52991 words
U.S. Gazetteer Counties tarball GPL, 509K, 10223 words
U.S. Gazetteer Places tarball GPL, 2.8M, 42620 words
U.S. Gazetteer Zip Code Tabulation Areas tarball GPL, 2.4M, 33246 words
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English tarball Free to use, 6.4M, 43052 words
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary tarball Free to use, 4.7M, 34153 words
Collins Cobuild English Dictionary tarball Free to use, 5.1M, 34097 words
Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary 2006 tarball Free to use, 6M, 34159 words
Oxford Collocations Dictionary tarball Free to use, 2.7M, 8378 words
Merrian Webster 10th dictionary tarball Free to use, 2.5M, 20517 words
The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia tarball Free to use, 7M, 24402 words
English Thesaurus tarball Free to use, 2.2M, 20003 words
CMU American English spelling tarball GPL, 1M, 105626 words
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary tarball GPL, 1.2M, 127012 words
English irregular forms tarball GPL, 54K, 4690 words
English Etymology tarball GPL, 1.8M, 18380 words
Oxford English Collocation Dictionary tarball Free to use, 1.9M, 8338 words
eedic tarball GPL, 1.4M, 22776 words